How to Make Friends in Your New Neighborhood

Sometimes, moving to a new neighborhood means you move away from many of your established connections. Maintaining those connections with phone calls, emails and occasional visits is still important. However, you may have a better time adjusting to a new neighborhood if you make some new friends. These friendships will become valuable when you need recommendations on places to eat or who to hire as a landscaper for your yard. In addition, you never know when you will need a helping hand.

Making friends in a new neighborhood does not have to be a difficult process. However, keeping a friend involves more than a simple introduction. If you want to develop close connections, it is important to make yourself available for meet-and-greets and local activities. Attending events that interest you will give you the opportunity to meet more like-minded individuals. If you have a family, there are different activities you may join that will include them as well.

Get Involved in Town Activities

If you are up for a challenge, look for clubs and activities posted on local bulletin boards, flyers or in your town’s newspaper or website. There may be upcoming fundraisers, street fairs church sales or other events that need volunteers. Volunteering is a fun way to meet new neighbors and show your town that you are willing to pitch in and lend a helping hand. In addition, you may become more well-known and develop a good reputation. Other possible events to attend include apartment mixers or housing association meetings, where you may meet other newcomers who are looking for friends as well.

Host a House-Warming Party

Sometimes, planning your own event is the most straightforward way of letting your neighbors know that you are new to the neighborhood and want to meet them. Let them know about your get-together by mailing invitations or simply visiting their houses in person. While it is unlikely that every person you invite will attend, the ones who do attend may genuinely want to become your friend as well.

You will most likely want to cater the event yourself, however, some neighbors may insist on bringing their favorite dishes over. It is better to let them bring their own dishes rather than insisting that you have too much food. This may be their way of welcoming you to the neighborhood. In addition, it will give you a future talking point when you compliment your new friend on his or her delicious home-made food.

Compliment Your Neighbors

If you spend some time outside tending to your own yard or going for a walk, you may see your neighbors out and about as well. This is often the perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation by complimenting them on their lawn or flower choices. Be sure to listen when a neighbor tells you his or her name and repeat it back so that you remember it. In addition, asking thoughtful questions about the best places for food and other good tips will let your neighbor know that you value his or her opinion. If you try out one of his or her recommendations, follow up on your previous conversation and let him or her know how it went.

Meeting the Parents of Your Child’s Friends

One of the best places to meet other families in the neighborhood is at school. If you have children who do not take the bus, you may be able to meet other parents at pick-up and drop-off. Parents may also take the initiative by introducing their children to yours, so that your kids have a friendly face or even a new friend during their transition to a new school.

Greeting People in Your Place of Worship

If you regularly attend mass or practice your faith at a local synagogue, temple or other place of worship, you may find it easy to introduce yourself to neighbors in this setting. There is a high chance that you will be invited to an event, as religious groups frequently organize events such as dinners or clothing drives. Also, they are always in need of volunteers to help spread the message in town, organize events and more.

Use an Online Forum

If you are a little shy or find it difficult to walk up to strangers, consider using an online forum to find neighbors who share the same interests as you. Popular apps such as Nextdoor and Bumble may be used to find new friends, set up events or search for recommendations of local shops. If you enjoy working out and staying active, sign up for an app such as Bvddy and Workout Buddies, both of which allow you to meet neighbors for workout sessions.