How to Customize Your New Rental

When you move into a new rental, it is essential to make it your own so that it reflects your unique personality and becomes your place of comfort. A few personal touches can turn the place where you live into a real home. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to customize your place without breaking any restrictions set by your landlord and lease agreement. However, using a bit of creativity and our helpful tips, you can personalize your rental home or apartment and make it feel like your own. Here are some quick and easily-removable (to stay on your landlord’s good side) ideas to decorate your rental home.

1. Find the Right Rug for the Room

We don’t usually think about decorating the floors of our home, but floors are usually the largest surfaces in a house. A monochromatic floor can be boring and drab, especially if the flooring is in poor condition. Brightly colored rugs are good for adding color to a dull room, while darker rugs can add some contrast to the area. Rugs are a great way to complement the rest of your room while also protecting the floor beneath them. Not only are they a good way of adding your personality into a room, but they will also guard you from losing your security deposit due to floor damage.

2. Add Some Artwork to Your Walls

When your walls are bare, it can make you feel like you’re in a cold and generic dorm room. Since you are probably restricted from painting or putting up wallpaper, buying artwork is one of the quickest ways add some personality to a rental. You can turn empty walls into mini-galleries with only a small collection of artwork.

Bonus Tip: Check out local artists for affordable and original artwork to purchase for your home.

3. Update Your Lighting

Lighting has a huge influence on the overall feeling of a room, so you should consider integrating more light sources such as floor or lamps. This can help you avoid having harsh and uncomfortable lighting, which can keep your apartment from feeling like a home. Light fixtures are also a great opportunity to add some more style to your home. If your lighting comes from outdated or generic fixtures, replace them with an affordable but stylish pendant light or chandelier.

4. Add Curtains to Your Windows

Dressing up your windows with curtains offer you another opportunity to add your own flavor to your room. You can choose to add light and breezy curtains to your windows to give your room a flowy look, or maybe you prefer hard wooden blinds for a stark contrast to the rest of the décor. Another common decorating tip is to install the curtain rod high above the window and install extra-long curtains to make your ceilings look taller. Ditch the stock window curtains and bring some flair to your home.

5. Become a Proud Plant Parent

Plants are scientifically proven to provide helpful benefits such as calming us down, improving air quality and they can also be a great apartment decoration when paired with the right planter. While many people choose fake plants for their apartment, these can get dusty and dirty very quickly. Instead opt for some low-maintenance options like a DIY terrarium for succulents, which look great and only require a minimal amount of attention. Alternatively, you can choose to get some hanging planters if you are running low on floor space. If have a love for cooking, you can grow an indoor herb garden. This way you will have beautiful greenery and fresh home-grown herbs available for your meals.