7 Important To-Do’s Before You Move

When you are in the midst of moving, it is hard to keep track of everything you need to do. It’s very common to forget one or two important steps, as they get pushed to the side while you focus on more pressing tasks. For this reason, we have organized a checklist of some of the most common things people forget to do before they move. Even though they are often forgotten, these steps are very important. If you do not complete them, you may face the consequences later on.

Cancel Your Recurring Charges

If you are moving far away from your current home, make sure to cancel any subscription services you may have. This includes gym memberships, country club or golf club memberships, rotary clubs, museum, zoo, aquarium or theater memberships and cable subscriptions. While some memberships and subscriptions may be transferable, especially if the company is part of a broader chain, others are only offered in specific locations. As a result, you may waste a tremendous amount of money by failing to cancel certain subscriptions.

Be sure to cancel these memberships in advance, because some of them require advance notice. For instance, you are often required to cancel a gym membership 30 days in advance or notify the gym that you will be changing locations. If you cannot get out of your gym membership, you may be able to sell it through online classifieds websites, such as GymTransfer. Most gyms allow transfers of membership, as it benefits both parties.

Keep in mind that you may have important subscriptions that you do not want to cancel, such as medication services, food or clothing deliveries and more. Even if you do not cancel these subscriptions, it is essential that you update your address with them. A change of address may cause a subscription to halt, especially if your new address has not been accounted for on your billing information. Be sure to update your billing and delivery information on applicable subscription services so that you can avoid these issues.

Notify Your Insurance Company

All state departments of motor vehicle services recommend that you notify them and your car insurance company when you change your address. Insurance companies often require notifications to be made two weeks in advance, so that there is enough time to determine the cost of coverage in your new location. Even if you only move to the next county over, you may experience an increase or decrease in premiums. If you are moving out of state, you may experience a greater change in coverage costs, as each state has different insurance requirements. As a result, it is best to contact your provider as soon as possible to learn about the company’s policy on address changes and whether your premium will increase or decrease.

How to Update Your Address with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS)

It is important to update your address at a local post office in advance, because you will give the post office more time to process your request. It may take USPS 7 to 10 postal days to incorporate the change. Consequently, you do not want to make the change too early or too late. If you make it too late, you may miss important messages in the mail. Generally, you may complete a change of address online or in person at a local post office. If you have not received your mail at your new location after two weeks have passed, be sure to check in with your local post office and ask for assistance.

Keep Track of Your Bills and Finances

As you are planning your move, give yourself some time to do paperwork and organize your finances. It is easy to lose track of your bills if you are focusing all of your energy on packing or other chores. This is especially true if you have a mixture of bills that are paid by mail and others that are paid online. As a result, it may be wise to set up autopay for certain bills, assuming you receive regular paychecks and your income is steady. Contact your credit card services, bank or membership programs to ask about automatic payments.

Autopay may be especially helpful if you are in the process of changing your address with the USPS. You may experience delays in receiving certain bills, which makes it even more important to stay on top of your finances. If you choose not to set up autopay, you may also ensure that you make payments on time by creating reminders on your phone, marking your calendar and setting aside a certain amount of money that month for bills.

Take Pictures of Your Electronics

Taking pictures of your electronics is a less obvious step in the list of moving “to-do’s.” However, it may save you a lot of time when you are trying to untangle cords and set up your TV at your new home. If you take a picture of how your TV and other important electronics are set up before you break them down, you will have a handy diagram for reattaching different items. It may also help you to label different cords so you do not have to guess at which cords go into which outlets.

Get Your Plants Ready for the Journey

Properly packaging your plants may be one of the trickiest aspects of moving. If you do not package them properly, they may become stressed on the journey, wilt and even die. The night before your move, carefully dig up the plants you want to keep without cutting the roots and place them in their own large buckets with soil. It is recommended that you do not move your plants too early, because they may wilt from the stress. Plants that are growing in pots inside your house do not need to be repotted for the move.

Make Sure You Create a Go-To Box

A go-to box is typically filled with necessities you will need at the very beginning of your move. These are essential items that ought to be unpacked first, including paper towels, cleaning supplies, paper plates, silverware, soap, essential toiletries and shower items. This may make the first day in your new home a little easier, as you do not have to worry about finding these essential items in all of your packages and luggage.