Who to Notify About Your Change of Address

Are you changing your address soon? Besides finding moving boxes, packing supplies and hiring professionals to help you move, you will want to notify the appropriate people and agencies about your new address. It will better to complete this step sooner rather than later to avoid late fees due to missed bills or lapses in services. However, you may not know where to start and who to inform about your change of address. By reading the sections below you can gain a better understanding about how should know about your new address.

Family and Friends

Many consider friends and family to be the most important people to notify about an address change. Previously, residents used to send out change of address cards in the mail. Nowadays, it is easier to simply send a mass email to friends and family members with your new address information.

Post Office

The post office is a very important agency to notify about an address change. By notifying the post office, your mail will be forwarded from your old address to your new address for 12 months. Residents are often able to make this change online rather than having to visit an office in person. When changing an address, residents can specify a start date for their mail forwarding. Those who are moving are advised to complete this task at least one week prior to moving. If an address is changed later than this, there may be a gap between the time that you move and when you begin receiving your mail.   

Tax Agency

It is important to inform both state and federal tax agencies about your new address. Residents can easily accomplish this on the official website of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Many local and state agencies also allow tax payers to change their addresses online. However, this step will depend on the state.

Social Security Administration  

Some residents may not need to update the Social Security Administration (SSA). However, those who are receiving certain benefits such as Social Security payments or disability will have to change their address with this organization. This can easily be accomplished online or by calling the SSA directly.

Utility Company

This contact is important to notify once you know where you are moving and what your new address will be. Residents who fail to do this on time risk going several days without heat or electricity. When preparing the utility transfer, residents should schedule to shut off the power at their old residence at the end of their moving day. The turn-on time at their new address should be scheduled in the morning of their move or the night before. This way, residents will not be moving in in the dark.

Some residents will have other utilities to take care of besides electricity and heat such as sewage, water and garbage. These will also have to be transferred to the new home. Residents will have to make arrangements with each company separately.

Internet and Cable Provider

It is difficult for many Americans to function at home without internet. Thus, it is essential for residents who are moving to arrange a transfer of internet and cable services to a new address. Residents can call their providers and inform them of their new address and where to send bills.

Renter or Home Insurer

Rent or home insurers must be notified about a move in order to transfer a policy. With renter’s insurance, landlords or management companies may require proof of the transfer in the form of a new address. This step must be completed as soon as possible. Also, it is important to ask the policy provider if belongings are covered while in transit. It is important to find out this information because if items are not covered during the move then you may need to purchase moving insurance.


Employers must be aware of any address changes even if your paychecks through direct deposit. This way, your employer can send pay stubs and tax forms to the right address.

Bank and Credit Card Companies

Banks and credit card companies must be informed about address changes. This is so that they can send information, new cards and verify account data. Residents may be able to accomplish this online or by phone. This address change includes cards that are associated with loyalty programs or specific stores.


Insurers such as those who provide medical, dental, car and life insurance should be notified about address changes. Residents who purchased health insurance through the federal marketplace can easily change their addresses online. Other insurers may have a different process.

Organizations and Clubs

It would be beneficial to inform any organizations, clubs and charities that you are involved with that you are moving to a new address. By notifying them you will be able to continue receiving mailers and other documents from these organizations. Clubs such as Costco and Sam’s Club fall into this category.

Online Shopping Websites

Many shoppers save their shipping addresses on large sites like eBay and Amazon. As a result, it is essential to make changes to the addresses that are saved on these sites. Residents who fail to update their address may accidently get their packages sent to their old address.

Other Financial Institutions

Financial agencies such as PayPal, credit reporting agencies, credit unions or investment account holders should be informed about a change of address. Notifying these agencies about your plans to move will help prevent important information from getting lost in the mail or missed.

Other Service Providers  

Primary care doctors, veterinarians, dentists and other providers that you see regularly will need to know about your new address. This is especially true for residents who are staying in the same area. This way, providers will still be able to send important documents and information to the right address. However, if you are moving away from your current area, it may be better to acquire referrals.