Ways to Use the Internet to Make Friends After Moving Into a New Place

As you become older, it becomes more challenging to make new friends. It is still possible to meet new people through work and going out, but deep connections that are established during childhood are not so easy to make as you age. Most adults are in this situation, and this problem becomes more prevalent when you relocate. Making friends after you move means coming out of you comfort zone.

The internet is a great tool for building new connections, even if you already have some established connections at your new place. Friendship apps and online services for new clubs, classes, and volunteer opportunities are some examples as to how you can branch out and find new people. Here are some ways on how you can make new connections and make new friends.

Use an App

You can use these apps for more than just dating. People often make friends on dating apps and they are a good tool to use when you want to make some new local friends. There are many free apps that help you connect with people, whether it be for friendships or a relationship. Nextdoor is an app that lets you become better acquainted with the people in your neighborhood. MeetMe and We3 lets you connect with people who live nearby and share the same interests as you do. Bumble is also a good app for making friends, even though it is primarily used for dating.

Apps like these make it easier to connect with others who want the same things. One convenient feature of these apps is that you can get to know a person before meeting them in person. If you don’t click with someone, then you do not have to continue to waste your time with them.

Save Some Money on a New Activity

Deal detecting sites like Groupon and Living Social allow you to discover local activities that have a steep discount attached to them. This gives a huge range of ways to go out, explore new activities and meet others. Try something different like sky diving or terrain racing or anything else that piques your interest. Going to these events alone is no problem and you will be able to meet people who are interested in the same thing you are doing.

Look for a Gym Partner

If you are look for someone to stay fit and active with, apps like Bvddy and Workout Buddies can link you with a gym partner to achieve your fitness goals. You can find a new friend to go on hikes with or someone who wants to run a marathon with you. There are many ways in which you can get and make friends.

Register for a Class

If you have been wanting to learn something new but have not been able to do it yet, then perhaps you can sign up for a class and meet some one there. You could learn a new language, learn how to bake or learn new improv skills. Any skills that you are interested in learning, there is probably a class for that in your neighborhood. After deciding on the skill you want to take a class in, you can use the internet to find a class nearby. Searching listings in schools and community centers is a way to begin. Yelp can also be very helpful, especially when it comes to finding a quality class.

Adopt a Dog

Dogs are a great way to interact with other humans. Adopting a new furry friend can provide double the benefit: you get a four-legged friend who can help you find two-legged friends. If you have the time and the willingness to take care of a new dog, apps like Petfinder and Adopt a Pet help find furry friends in need of a home within your local area.  If you already have a dog or have recently established your relationship with your pet, Meet My Dog is an app that provides a location-based service that finds other dog lovers with friends for your dog, too.


Volunteering is another good way find others who are sharing in your passions and values. In just a quick search, you can find local volunteer opportunities. Also, there are apps for discovering volunteering opportunities, too. Volunteer Match, Create the Good and Idealist are all examples of apps that can help you find locations and volunteer opportunities based on your interests.

Visit Local Events

There is always a chance of discovering a local event to meet new people in your town even if you moved out in the country or into a metropolitan city. The internet is a great tool for finding location-based events. Apps like Nearify and Eventbrite combine local events into one app, providing a simpler way to find events like concerts, festivals, fundraising and networking events. Look for something that interests you and check it out.

Connect over a Meal

Most relationships are strengthened over sharing a meal. You can make new friends by sharing food with others. The SupperClub is an app that allows you to find and join local supper clubs. You can filter your results based off your location and food preferences, such as vegetarian or bacon lovers. You do not have to have a passion for cooking, just a willingness to enjoy a meal with new people.

Participate in a Meet up

Meetup is a friend-meeting app, making it easier to establish connections with others interested in getting together to, for instance, learn a new type of art medium or share tips about common interests. There are several categories to select, so there should not be an issue finding something you are interested in. Since there are so many options, if one option loses your interest you can always look at another one. You can even create your own meet ups in the app. With some effort and using the internet, you can make friends after moving.