Things to Know Before Moving Abroad

Moving can be a stressful time because of all the tasks you need to complete to successfully relocate. This is especially true if you are moving to a different country. However, you can properly prepare for a big move by considering some key factors early in the process. You are more likely relocating for a new job opportunity, but if that is not the case, then finding a location in the city where you will be living in is one of the first things you have to keep in mind.  

Moreover, it is important that you consider the cultural differences that may come as a shock when you arrive. At first it may seem that you moved to a new exciting place. However, you start to feel different after you experience the day-to-day routine from living somewhere new. You can make the transition more bearable by keeping some important tips in mind. Learn more about important aspects you should know if you are moving abroad by reading the sections below.

Finding a New Place to Live

You should invest a lot of time into where you are going to be living before your big move. This does not mean the country itself, but more specifically the city and places in the city where you will be living. You should start by looking at prices of different locations that work around your budget. Some places are overpriced, so you should look for more affordable options that may be just as good as what you are looking for. Other places may be appealing to you because they are more affordable. However, you should always consider which area of the city or town you are moving into. Learn more about important factors such as security, convenience of the location and its proximity to places that may be important for you like your place of work, grocery stores and night life.  

Meeting a Local Resident

When you are in the process of understanding a new city, there is no better way than getting firsthand information than from a local resident. Fortunately, nowadays it is very easy to connect with people around the world. You can use social media or even dating apps to meet locals of the city that you are moving to. You should start slowly by building a connection and being honest about wanting to know more about the place you are going to live. This tip is also beneficial to start building connections with other people early on as it always good to see a friendly face in a new place.

Moving Your Belongings

There are a few items that you should check off your moving to-do list before you travel. The first one is deciding if you want to take your belongings with you when you move. You can make some extra cash by selling them. This may be useful for you to buy new furniture and other items abroad. Otherwise, you should research how you can ship your personal belongings to the country you are going to be living in. You may start by visiting the countries consulate to check for any regulations the country may have such as:

  • Custom and import regulations
  • Immigrational regulations
  • Items permitted or prohibited

Moreover, you should hire a moving company that has a Federal Maritime Commission number. All legitimate international mover companies have one. This will increase the chance of your belongings reaching their destination safely and promptly. Make sure to also bring other essentials and cash in case of an emergency. You may also treat yourself with your personal favorite food items that may not be available in the new country you will be living in.

Final Details

Finally, make sure to change your address with the USPS and other important institutions such as banks. You may change your address to your new foreign location, but some companies and government service may require that you have a U.S. address. You should consider having at least a post office box or other physical presence with a family member or friend to receive your correspondence. Moreover, you should let the institutions of your credit card know that you are going to be living in another country. By doing this, you will avoid the companies placing holds in your cards for unusual transactions.

Understanding a New Culture

Once you take care of the aspects outlined above, it is important that you understand how your living experience is going to be in a new country. If your relocation is planned, you might already have deeper motivation for your relocation and understand the local environment of where you are moving to. However, in case you are moving for unexpected reasons such as a job relocation, you might not be aware of many of the cultural aspects of your destination. Therefore, you should not only understand the cultural norms of the new country you are living in, but also keep an open mind and be respectful of the many cultural difference that may exist between you and the residents. This will help you adapt better and develop relationships with locals.