How to Save Money on Your Moving Costs

Moving to a new place can take a lot of your time an energy, but another aspect impacted by moving is your wallet. There are several costs that you must cover in order to move. Depending on the circumstance, your moving costs will include fees for deposits, moving insurance and cost to move your personal belongings. These are just a couple of the items you are likely to pay to relocate.

Fortunately, just like there are some expenses that you must cover to be able to move, there are some that are optional. You may also save some money by planning your move carefully and accounting for everything you are going to need in the process. By doing this, you will find it easier to make a budget and a list of the things that you need and do not need to move. Once you identify the expenses that are necessary for you to be able to relocate, you should think of more efficient ways around them. Here are some of the best tips you should consider saving money and stick to your moving budget.

Choosing a Moving Company vs. DIY Options

The company you choose to assist you with your move and that is going to ship your belongings can be one of the biggest expenses. If you own valuable items, you should consider hiring a company that offers you a reliable and convenient service. Many of these companies are worth investing in and may be efficient if you need to move a lot of furniture or if time is something that matters to you. However, you should consider at least three different quotes to combine and compare the companies’ price and value. You might even be able to negotiate with the mover company you choose. You can also save some money by doing some of the work yourself like packing in advance or hiring less helpers.

Another viable option to save money is performing the move yourself. This is a great option if you are on a tight budget or if you do not have a lot of items to move from one place to another. You may invite some friends or close relatives to assist you with the move as well. For example, consider organizing a get together with those who are close to you and offer some pizza and light refreshments in exchange for the help. Furthermore, you can rent out a truck or van to move your items to one place to another. You may also consider using the USPS Media shipping service to ship a lot of your books for very little price. Compare these options and choose the cheaper alternative that best fits your needs.

Save Money on Boxes

Even though it may not save you as much money as choosing the right moving company, you can also save some money on boxes. Moving companies may also charge you higher than usual fees for boxes, so it is better for you to get them elsewhere instead. However, buying boxes in general is unnecessary as you can easily get them for free in many places. For instance, you may be able to get free boxes from your place of work. Other places like grocery or liquor stores also have a lot of empty boxes from their inventory shipments that can ask for at no cost. Moreover, you can also ask a friend or relative who recently moved if they can provide you with any extra boxes they have left. Once you are no longer using the boxes, you can sell the boxes that are in good condition for companies that will pay as much as a dollar for each one.


You may find yourself with too many personal belongings when you are packing up to move. Some of these items you may not know existed or simply forgot about, and therefore you never use them. If they are in good enough condition, you may consider selling or donating of some of these items. If you are storing your items, you will also save money on storage expenses. Consider the following alternatives to free up some space:

  • Donation: You will not only free up space and save money on shipping expenses but will also contribute to a good cause if you decide to donate your items. Many organizations accept items if they are in acceptable conditions.
  • Sell: This option is great if you need some extra money and have items of some value. There are several ways to sell your items, especially to online sites. Otherwise, you can organize a yard sale or post your items for sale in flyers. You will not only save on your moving expenses but make some money while you are doing it.
  • Trash: Some items might be completely obsolete or in bad condition. You can save money by trashing unwanted or useless items. For example, if you declutter enough you might save an extra trip from one place to another. By doing this, you can save on gas or extra fees moving companies charge for additional trips.

Smarter Packing

Aside from trying to obtain free boxes, you can save money by using the resources you already have at hand. By packing smarter, you can avoid having to spend money on items you would need for the move. For instance, you should use blankets and towels, even those that you no longer use, and place them around valuable wooden furniture. This will help you ensure that the furniture does not suffer from any scratches and other similar damage. You can use towels to cushion delicate items inside boxes like a crystal vase or a TV. Finally, you should also consider the use of old newspaper to wrap glass items instead of purchasing costly bubble wrap,

When You Move Matters

Many people that move do it during summer. This is considered a peak time to move because many families wait until the beginning or end of a school year to ensure that their children are on track with school. However, the higher demand for moving companies and rental truck during this time of the year causes its prices to go up. Therefore, you will find it more expensive to move during months like May or September. Moreover, the day of the week you move may also affect how much it costs you. You may consider moving during a weekend as it is the only time you have available to move. However, you can save money by using the weekend to pack instead and moving on a weekday. It might be a cheaper alternative for you to take a day off work to move than it is to pay a higher price to move during the weekend. As always, check with the different moving companies that offer their services near you and compare the prices to see if this is a more affordable option for you.