How to Change Your Address with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS)

If you are moving, you must complete a USPS change of address in order to get your mail delivered to your new residence. Doing a change of address may sound complicated to you, but there are many options in which the USPS lets you easily complete the process. Your request may take a couple of weeks to process, so you should complete the request ahead of time before you move. Furthermore, you should make sure to report changes in your address no later than 10 days after you move.

Furthermore, prior to starting the USPS change of address form, you should understand important aspects of having your mail forwarded by the postal service. USPS mail forwarding is ideal for temporary or permanent relocations . You also have the option of having your mail held by the USPS if you are only out of town for a short period of time. Otherwise, you should complete a USPS change of address form if your move is permanent. To learn more about how to update your address with the Unites States Postal Service, can read the detailed sections below.

How to Complete a USPS Change of Address Online 

You can easily perform a USPS change of address online and view or cancel previous requests. However, you can only complete the post office change of address if you have a valid email address as well as a debit or credit card to cover the fees. The USPS charges a fee in order to confirm and verify your identity. Therefore you must use credit or debit card credentials with your name in order for the system to be able to complete your request. You must input the card information as well as the billing address. Moreover, you should avoid using any third parties to perform this service for you as they tend to charge larger amounts of money to scam you. You must also verify that the process it taking placeo on the USPS official website.

You will get an email to confirm the change mailing address request you submitted. Also, you should get a change of mailing address validation letter from the post office in your email inbox. Furthermore, five days before your change of address is processed, you will receive a Customer Notification Letter or welcome kit that will have a confirmation code. This package is delivered to your updated address directly to verify your physical presence in the new location that you indicate. Make sure to keep this code in your records in case you need to change or cancel your request. In case you lose your code, you will have to visit a USPS office and pay a special fee to get a new code. However, due to privacy and security issues, the USPS will not issue you a new code unless it is a special or unusual circumstance.

How to Change a Mailing Address in Person

You can also complete the US postal service change of address in person at one of their local offices. You must fill the USPS change of address form PS 3575. However, the form can only be filled out in person at a USPS location as it is no longer an option for you to print it and fill it out from home. Furthermore, you will also receive a welcome kit at your updated address that will have your confirmation code. Just like with the online request, you will have to use this nine-digit alpha numeric code if you need to make any changes or cancellations on your request. Once your request is processed, your correspondence will arrive at your new address within seven to 10 postal business days.

How to Use Temporary USPS Mail Forwarding

You can also complete a USPS mail forwarding request if you are only moving temporarily. You can use the USPS address forwarding option for a minimum of 15 days and up to 364 days from the date your request is processed. Therefore, your mail will no longer be forwarded after the end date you list on your request for change of address. You may extend the period your mail is forwarded after the first six months of service. You can complete the initial or the extension process online or by visiting a USPS office. You will fill out the same USPS change of address form and you will also have to list an end date for the service to indicate that you only need it temporarily.

When to Fill Out a USPS Change of Address Form

The US postal service change of address service typically starts seven to 10 days after you submit your request. Therefore, you should file the USPS change of address form two weeks in advance to ensure you have uninterrupted mail service. Moreover, you should also inform other entities and acquittances of your change of address so that they start mailing your correspondence to your current residence. The change of address form only changes your address with the USPS. However, other entities may use the same databases as USPS such as the National Change of Address (NCOA). In that case, the post service change of address will be reflected in certain banking institutions as well as the IRS. Other correspondence is essentially being constantly forwarded to you by the USPS from your old address to your new place of residence. However, the post office will only forward your mail for a set period of time. Therefore, you should keep in mind other important mail that you may receive, including:

  • First class and priority mail.
  • Priority Mail Express Services (merchandise, printed material).
  • Periodicals or magazines.
  • Mail from public libraries.

USPS address forwarding services will only be effective for up to 12 months and only 60 days for periodicals and magazines. Therefore, is your responsibility to inform other entities and third parties of your change of address as the USPS will no longer forward your mail after that time has ended. If you decide not to submit a USPS change of address, the postal office will hold your mail for up to 10 days. After this time, the U.S. Postal Service will return the mail to the sender or discard it if the mail cannot be forwarded. You may modify your change of address request or cancel it online at any time. You will need your address and confirmation code that you received in the welcome kit. You may only modify a request up to two times per day. In this case you must wait 48 hours to make a change in your request or visit a USPS office.