How to Change Your Address with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

To complete an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) change of address, residents must follow a certain process. Overall, it is important to submit an IRS change of address form for several reasons. First, residents will not be able to receive their tax refunds if they do not update their address. Second, any ongoing or new correspondence from the IRS will be missed if a resident’s address is incorrect with the IRS.

The IRS update address process can be completed in a few ways. One method of requesting a change of address with the IRS is online. Moreover, residents can accomplish this task in person or over the phone. In general, completing the IRS address change online is the easiest and most convenient method. However, electronic submission is only permitted during tax filing season. Additionally, residents who own businesses can submit an IRS change of address form for business entities if they are changing their location. Keep reading to learn about the process of updating your address with the IRS.

How to Complete an IRS Change of Address Online

One way to complete an IRS change of address is online. Residents can either submit a tax return address change or obtain a fillable online form. The most convenient way to accomplish this task is to submit a tax return form via an e-file on the IRS website. Residents who utilize this method are not required to submit additional documents. They must only supply their new address on their tax return documents.

Residents can find a fillable IRS Form 8822 if they cannot change their addresses during tax filing season. This document can be found on the official Internal Revenue Service website. Conversely, the IRS change of address from 8822 can be printed, completed by hand and mailed to the appropriate IRS office.

Residents must fully complete Form 8822 before submitting a change of address request. There are several pieces of information that residents must provide on their forms. First, they must indicate the tax documents that will be affected by the address change. These can include tax returns for:

  • Individual income.
  • Gifts.
  • Estates.
  • Generation-skipping transfers.

In addition, 8822 forms request personal information from residents, including their names and Social Security Numbers (SSNs). Furthermore, applicants must indicate their old addresses. Residents who are married can specify their spouse’s name, address and SSN. After completing the IRS 8822 form, applicants must send it to the appropriate IRS office. There is a designated office for residents in each state.

How to Complete an IRS Change of Address by Phone

Residents seeking to complete the IRS change of address process can do so via telephone. They can either orally notify an IRS representative or request a mail delivery of the appropriate IRS change of address form. When completing a change of address by telephone, a representative will ask the applicant to verify certain personal information, including their name, Social Security Number and residential address. Then, the applicant can proceed to provide the representative with new address information. This method can be beneficial for residents who do not live near an IRS office or who did not update their address when they submitted their tax returns.

How to Complete an IRS Change of Address in Person

Another method to submit an IRS change of address form is in person. Citizens can typically find at least one local IRS office in their city. More populated cities often have multiple office locations.

There are two ways that residents can accomplish an IRS address change in person. One method is to submit the 8822 form to an office representative. Another option is to simply provide an oral notification to the IRS agent, which does not require submission of any documents. However, applicants will be required to verify their:

  • Identity.
  • Old address.
  • Date of birth.
  • Social Security Number, Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

Then, the applicant can inform the agent of his or her change of the address. Completing an address change in person may be more convenient for certain residents. Those who did not update their address when filing their tax return can benefit from this method.

How to Complete a Tax Return Address Change

Residents may complete a tax return address change while filing their tax return. They can accomplish this task before or after their move, depending on when they are moving. Residents moving during tax filing season should submit their tax return documents with their updated address prior to the move. This way, their tax return will be delivered to the new address instead of the previous one.

Residents should also be aware that their IRS change of address will take at least 30 days to process. Therefore, residents should plan their IRS address change request according to when they expect to be in their new home.

For different reasons, residents are often not able to complete their tax return address change prior to filing. In those cases, they will not be able to change their address through a tax return form. Instead, they can notify their post office or complete their address change procedure using the other methods mentioned in this article.

Furthermore, residents must submit an IRS change of address form for each type of tax return they are filing. This includes tax forms for:

  • Personal income.
  • Business.
  • Estate.
  • Gift.

How to Change a Business Address

It is essential to change a business address if a company moves from one location to another. Businesses that fail to update their address may suffer financially and delay the delivery of their tax refunds. In order to correctly update a business address, the owner must file Form 8822-B. This is the specific form to be used by businesses to update their addresses. Thus, it is not to be used by residents who do not own a business.

On this IRS change of address form, residents must indicate all other tax documents that this change will affect. This includes:

  • Business location.
  • Employee plan returns.
  • Business returns (employment, excise, income).

In addition, residents filling a 8822 B form can indicate if the organization is tax exempt. Then, the business owner, officer or representative must indicate the businesses name and Employer Identification Number (EIN). Moreover, the officer filing the form must complete the sections for the old and new mailing address of the business. Then, the representative must send the change of address form to the correct IRS office. There are two locations that these forms must be mailed to, and states must send their documents to the correct location as specified by the IRS.